Senior Pictures at AJ Jolly Park

Ok, I love being in the city but sometimes its nice to go to a beautiful local park for a photo shoot. In Northern Kentucky, AJ Jolly Park is a local favorite because of its lush greenery and a variety of bridges to use to create some beautiful artwork.  Depending on the time of year you go, it can look very different.


At the peak of summer, vegetation is abundant often thick and overgrown even on some of the walkways.  This is a photographer’s dream! There are three bridges within close proximity to each other in the areas next to the Campbell County Environmental Education Center. This is my favorite area for any type portrait session. You can see examples in the  images below. 

senior pictures at Aj jolly park
senior pictures


My FAVORITE time of year to make senior pictures at AJ Jolly park is Fall.  The foliage is beyond gorgeous and still very overgrown which I love. You can see in the images below the bridges make for beautiful areas for posing.

senior pictures at AJ Jolly Park
senior pictures at aj jolly
senior pictures at aj jolly

There is also split rail fencing along the back of the educational building as well as wooden posts to lean on for a few photos with lots of mosquitos to love on you.  Wear bug spray!

senior pictures at aj jolly
senior pictures at aj jolly


If flowers are your thing, this part of the park will not be the greatest spot.  In summer, I’ve only found a couple of areas with a type of flower. I’m sure there are places with more color so you may want to come out and drive around the 50+ acre park to scout for the type of backdrops you want to make your senior pictures perfect! The two images below were taken during summer.

queen annes lace
pink poppy flowers

Usually, the fall foliage are enough to satisfy your need for color as you can see in Taylor’s images below!

senior pictures at Aj jolly park
senior pictures fall leaves

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