Newborn Pictures Are The Most Precious

newborn pictures

As a mom of two boys, oh how I regret not getting newborn pictures like these of my babies when they were born. I only have those hospital ones where they are half-asleep, tired and grumpy. Don’t let this happen to you!

newborn pictures

It's all in the details...

OMG, I love baby feet! Their feet, fingers, their little noses and lips are so precious, right? Baby features change so quickly so it’s important to get these close-ups as early as possible. 

newborn pictures

When To Call The Photographer

Hopefully, you’ve already been in touch with a photographer by now (and gotten maternity portraits done of your beautiful belly) but if you haven’t, do so immediately.  There is  lot of planning to do.  We all know babies don’t come when they are supposed to so there are contingency plans to put in place so we can time it just right.It is best to get the baby in the studio before they are 2 weeks old.

maternity portraits

Timeless Newborn Pictures

Classic and timeless photos are my goal for all newborn pictures.I like to put all of the focus on the baby so I use a lot of neutral backgrounds and props.  We want the images to match the decor of your home for many years to come.  When we hang the images on the wall, you will be able to keep your images over the sofa or in the hallway no matter how your tastes in color change in your home down the line.

newborn pictures
mom and new baby

The only thing we aren’t going to capture of your new baby is their smell. Oh, how I wish we could bottle that scent up!  I miss the smell of babies so much.  My boys are now grown and smell like men’s cologne and that is just weird!  lol. Treasure the smell of your baby for as long as you can. It goes by so fast. Let’s create some images to help you always remember.