If you want senior picture ideas for guys, you are in the right place! No need to settle for corny and awkward posing on fake backgrounds like at traditional portrait studios. And absolutely NO HUGGING TREES!

ATHLETE Mommas, think about this....

Its your child’s LAST year as a child. Its their LAST year playing with teammates they’ve played with for years. Its the LAST time they will wear the school uniform. Its the LAST time your child’s name will be heard over the sound system during the play-by-play. Its not JUST pictures. Its a wonderful memory. Its something tangible Mom can hold and remember all the cold nights sitting on metal bleachers under an umbrella cheering on her awesome athlete. Its not JUST pictures.

senior picture ideas for guys

Check out the full video for a student from Highlands High School in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

What if my son isn't involved in sports?

Whether he’s the star athlete or just does his own thing, your son deserves amazing images to look back on after he’s grown and has a family of his own.  Having something to hold in his hands that he can brag to his wife, buddies, or even better, his children about his glory days will be priceless. We don’t have to have sports as part of the senior picture process or any props for that matter.  Just great pictures of your boy. Here are some examples:

Does your son have any other interests?

Does he love his car or his dog? Does he have any hobbies that he enjoys like hunting, fishing, archery, or anything he might want to incorporate into his session?  Most of the time, boys do not look forward to photo shoots but if we can include things that he is interested in, he will enjoy it more.

senior picture of a boy with his audi car
bowhunter senior pics
Portrait of a boy standing under the train bridge leaning on his motorcycle by Tonya Bolton Photography.

Your son might say he doesn't want to do a photo shoot but he WILL regret it later, if he doesn't do it. Let's make it fun for him so that he enjoys it and looks back at it with fond memories. Send me a message by submitting this form: