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But My Kid Is Still A Junior!

You may be thinking senior pictures are still a ways off.  Believe me, it’s not as far off as you might think!  You DEFINITELY need to be thinking about when to do senior portraits. Be ready or you can lose out on booking the photographer you have in mind.

Really good photographers stay booked months in advance!

Keep in mind that if you are wanting a professional photographer who delivers nothing but stellar images and products, you need to book in advance! These type of photographers are in demand for a reason. Even more so due to the pandemic. Many parents are seeing how much their kids are missing out on — dances, sporting events, concerts, award ceremonies, grad parties — and are trying to make up for it with an unforgettable senior portrait experience. 

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"I Will Just Wait Until Junior Year Is Finished"

OMG —>>> NOOO!  This is the number one mistake people make when deciding when to do senior portraits. You are already too late to the party if you were thinking about hiring a popular photographer. You’ve got to get way ahead on this if these photos are important to you. Don’t risk it!

Summertime is Gucci!

Most girls want to get senior pictures done during Summer because they are nice and tan from soaking up all that sunshine! 

Moms like getting the photo shoot done in Summer for another reason…..because once school starts back in the Fall, schedules get really hectic and its harder to coordinate a time where all can participate in the special day.

Boys are flexible.

Let’s face it. Boys are not ‘in’ to pictures as much as we’d like them to be.  Ugh.  So, they will be happy to procrastinate to the very last minute to get this done.  LOL. I cannot tell you how many boys I get in April and May of their senior year!  They take it to the limit. HAHA!


If scarves, sweaters and boots are your thing then Fall is when to do senior portraits! This is a great time of year because of the milder temperatures, less humid conditions and obviously the color!  

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Procrastinator Season

When life gets too busy and important tasks get put on the back burner, chaos ensues!  Spring of their senior year is the end of the end! At this point, you are going to be lucky to get a session from that fancy photographer you’ve been eyeballing.  No harm in trying but be prepared for a possible no-go. 

If you have to wait until Spring, be sure to get a photo shoot booked by no later than the third week in April especially if you want the pictures back before graduation.

When To Do Senior Portraits

  • Start EARLY!
  • Call three to six months in advance to discuss
  • Call your favorite photographer in January/February of your child’s junior year to get an idea of what booking schedules are looking like
  • Summer and Fall are the two most popular seasons for senior portraits
  • Procrastinating can be risky if you are looking to hire a popular photographer

Senior Portraits by Tonya Bolton Photography

Tonya Bolton is the most popular choice for senior portraits in the Northern Kentucky area.  She has become a leading portrait photographer in the tri-state due to the unmatched experience she provides for high school seniors.

Helping her clients feel loved and appreciated throughout a special day of fun is why she is in demand. Covid has taken away a lot of memorable experiences for the kids and she tries to make up for some of it by providing an unforgettable day of celebration.

Planning A Photo Shoot Is Stressful!

Locations, clothing, time frame, make-up, hair, accessories!!!  OMG it’s so overwhelming to even begin thinking about.

That is where Tonya comes in as different than other photographers. She is an expert in planning because she is a full-time, custom portrait artist. This is her job every day of the week. This is not a hobby or side business she performs on the weekends. She is constantly educating herself on how to improve the quality of her art and her client experience.

If you have ideas of what you’d like to do for your session, that is great!  She will take your idea and turn it into your dream photo shoot.  If you have NO IDEA of what to do, she can create a vision of what your dream photo shoot would be.

Do not worry. You are hiring an expert who will take all of the stress away from you so that you can just sit back and enjoy your new portraits.

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