Holy Cross High School Senior Portraits | Juliana

Holy Cross High School Senior Pictures

Juliana is a knock-out and her photos prove it!  She is one of the first girls I provided professional hair and makeup for her senior session. A lot of girls think they know how to do great makeup and some of them do but almost none of them actually know how to apply camera-ready makeup.  It is an art. 


The camera, lens and ambient light can wash you out so makeup has to go on a little heavier than usual in order to show up in the final images. I strongly recommend my girls take advantage of my offer to provide a certified stylist to get them glammed up for their big day. 

A beautiful girl holding onto the side of a swing along the riverwalk at Smale Park in Cincinnati.
holy cross high school senior pictures

Choosing Outfits and Locations

Not only do I provide help with hair and makeup but I also guide you in what to wear. Choosing outfits can be the most stressful part of senior picture day so, don’t worry, I am here for you. I’ll also decide which outfits will be worn at each of the locations we chose.  Many times, I’m picking what is going to make you stand out.  In the image above, you can see Juliana is wearing a gorgeous party dress and stilettos.  Why did I choose to put her in this dirty alley way?  Well, because it makes people STOP scrolling for a moment.  They wonder, “Why is this gorgeous girl all decked out sitting in this dirty alley?”  It’s the obvious contradiction of the two things that draw you into the image.


In fact, the image below got me my first publishing. Juliana and I were beyond thrilled when we got the news! 

holy cross high school

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