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Batesville Senior Portraits — You name it we did it for Katie!  We covered every single area, I think. Big city girl, small town girl, country girl, antique cars, and high fashion studio vibes.

Mom wanted to give her an unforgettable experience to celebrate her last year in high school. With the whole family’s help mapping out locations in an area I was unfamiliar with, I delivered. We all made a great team in the making of unique day for Katie and she loved it. Goal achieved.

DSC_1022 copy

We did NOT plan for this gorgeous car.  We passed it entering a park in Cincinnati. Dad was following behind me and noticed me slow wayyyy down to stick my head out the window and gawk at the beauty of the color (creamsicle). 5 minutes after we parked to get out and start taking pictures, the car pulled in just passed us and Dad knew right away what I was thinking!  He volunteered to go ask the older couple that was driving. They were thrilled to let Katie use the car for her senior pictures!

vintage senior pictures

Now, the problem became… “What outfit??  We didn’t plan for this! (I help the girls pick out all of their clothes for every photo shoot). Thankfully, Katie listened to me when I said to bring all outfits I approved PLUS random extra stuff that she liked.  Low and behold, in the back of their minivan was this striped romper that MATCHED THE CAR! –OMG. IS THIS REAL LIFE???–

senior pictures with old cars

There were lots of people and other cars at the park but I was careful with where I stood and how I composed each shot so that it looked like it was just Katie and that beautiful vehicle. The interior was just as pretty as the outside so we wanted to showcase it in the pictures, as well. I had brought several floppy hats JUST IN CASE and well…. you see the outcome. AMAZING!

cincinnati senior portraits

senior portraits near me

senior portraits near me

This turned out to be a great portrait.  Technically, she is just patiently waiting on me to find my light with the perfect settings on my camera.  I love how it captures the real Katie. She’s adorable.

cincinnati senior portraits

Happy girls are the prettiest girls!  I made Katie do some things that day that took her way out of her comfort zone but does it look like she minded?  This was a fun section of our day. We were close to being run over but we were all behind the camera laughing just as big as she is!

country girl senior pics

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tonya bolton senior portraits

tonya bolton photography

senior portraits near me

batesville senior portraits

I was not sure how this would turn out but LOOK AT IT!!!  OMG. In love! Batesville is such a cute little town.  I’m a sucker for road trips so call me, I’m down for it!

batesville senior portraits

batesville photo shoot

Even the boyfriend showed up at the end of the shoot for a couple of pictures with his sweetie-pie. (Boy, if that doesn’t make me sound old, I don’t know what will.)

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