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Coronavirus Symptoms Day by Day

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I got COVID!

For nine months, I stayed holed up in my house trying to avoid this like everyone else. Here is how it went for me.

Maybe you’re wondering what its like?  I will say that we know it is different for everyone.  Some have mild cases and some have grave cases.  Like you, I was really worried about contracting it because my husband has a compromised immune system.  He’s had medical problems since 2004 and from all of the stories I have read about, it really scared me for his sake. 

I had to shut down my business for almost four months during the initial onset of the pandemic. We stayed home and didn’t go anywhere except doctors offices and picking up groceries via Click List. Once I was able to open my business back up, I was very careful to go straight to my studio and straight home.  Fortunately for me, I don’t have a lot of clients come in all throughout the day.  I design customized sessions for each of them so I only need to see one per week.  This was very helpful in keeping contact with outsiders to a minimum.

I got it, anyway! YUCK!

So, here are my coronavirus symptoms day by day. 

DAY 1: Itchy throat and slight headache

On a normal day, we don’t think anything about these little symptoms but due to paranoia, I went to Urgent Care to get tested.  The nurse told me that they only test people who’ve shown symptoms for at least 4-5 days but I was able to persuade her to test me anyway.  I told her I was really worried about my husband being exposed due to his health issues.  She gave me a rapid test and by the nights’ end, the result was in my MyChart.  POSITIVE.

DAY 2: Nothing too different today.  Just a weird scratch in my throat kind of like what a Spring allergy might do to me. So far so good.

DAY 3: Felt like a bad head cold. No body aches or breathing issues. I took Dayquil all day. Low grade fever. 99-100 degrees. I was in bed all day today. Felt terrible.

I feel better! That was easy!

DAYS 4-7: I felt better. No DayQuil needed. Thought I was over it. No more meds to take and I’m up out of the bed. What was the big deal??  I’m already over it.  That was fast and now I can get back to normal.

coronavirus symptoms day by day

I’m happy that I feel better but guess what?  On Day 5, my husband wakes up and looks like he was hit by a truck!  He looked terrible like he had a bad case of the flu.  So, off to Urgent Care we go.  Yep, POSITIVE. Here we go again. Now, I’m freaking out wondering how it’s going to be for him.

Boy, was I wrong!!!

DAY 8: I wake up sick again. Now, my body has an achy feeling. Noises and touches to my skin are really irritating to me. Advil helped this. Hubby is doing ok but still feels and looks very sick. 
DAY 9-10: My body aches have lightened up but I feel weak. If I try to stand in the kitchen to cook or clean, I feel like I’m going to pass out and I need to sit down in between chores in order to get anything done. I’m not having trouble breathing but I cannot take a full deep breath without pain in my throat/upper chest.

Feeling strange...

Day 11: Still feeling weak when I stand for too long but I can go longer now. By the evening, I was even better. I was able to cook dinner and clean up without sitting down for a break in between. I got a burst of energy around 10 pm so I finished cleaning the house.

Day 12: I feel like I’m finally past it although I do still have a strange feeling in my throat. Its hard to explain but its just like an achy feeling in my throat when I take a deep breath. 

My husband is getting better. We’ve been monitoring his breathing with a pulse oximeter. He has problems with his oxygen levels on a normal day so this is a big concern for me. So far, he’s keeping his average readings without issue. He is without fever and looks on the mend to a full recovery!

A call from the Health Department

The Health Department called to ask me some questions and let me know I was cleared to go back to work on November 23rd. The three criteria for being finished with quarantine are:
1. Its been at least ten days from the start of symptoms
2. Symptoms are improving
3. No fever for 24 hours 

What were your coronavirus symptoms day by day?  Similar to mine? Milder, or worse?  I’d love to hear from you!