Alexandria Ky Senior Portrait Photographer | Nichole Bezold |Bishop Brossart

Getting your senior pictures done is supposed to be an experience to cherish not just sitting in a chair, posing some fake poses on some more fake backgrounds!  Well, Nichole’s photo session turned out to be a super-fun spontaneous adventure in  Cincinnati!  We began our time taking pictures at Eden Park and then decided to just drive around Mt. Adams to see what sites we could find that would make for interesting backdrops.  We definitely found some areas that added to the interest of Nichole’s pictures. We wound up having a great time even though we had no real plan and the result was many beautiful images that she can look back on and smile about.  So, whether you are the spontaneous type, or you’d rather have a clear plan for your pictures — no worries!  Call me and we can plan your perfect senior portrait experience!  Enjoy some of my favorite images from this session:

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