So, you need a senior portrait photographer.

Your soon-to-be graduate has worked their butt off to get here.  This is a MAJOR LIFE EVENT for you and your child. They will likely not have another portrait done until they get married.

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 So…..Where do you want to have your photo shoot?  Do you already have a location in mind?  If not, Tonya will suggest some great places! Are you country? Do you like hunting, fishing, shooting, archery, etc? Are you urban?  Do you love the city life, fashion, brick-paved alley ways, architecture, etc? Answers to these questions will help in designing of your session. If you have, literally, NO IDEA what you want….no need to worry!  Tonya is the expert at this. She will take care of EVERYTHING!!

Here are a few of Tonya’s best images from the Class of 2019!

sunflower senior pictures

class of 2021 senior model team

rocker senior portrait headbanger metalhead

What about for boys??  Don’t worry!  Tonya creates really cool images for the guys, too!
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senior portraits on the beach
street model pose

senior portrait pose ideas

senior portraits chicago

senior portraits urban

senior portraits graffiti

Get pictures with anything!  Your car, your dog, your BFF, your guitar, anything that tells us who you are. Have a different idea?  Tonya loves when seniors have their own vision.

What did you think? Don’t you just love Tonya’s eye for imagery?  Click here to send her a message! Click here to view pricing options. Or, go here to see more images from her most recent sessions.

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