Oh, what a story!  You never know what you are going to get when you go to downtown Cincinnati for a photo shoot!  LOL  We started on Garfield but there was another photographer so we walked around the corner for a bit while they finished up.  When we came back there were two guys talking and one of them was very angry and kept yelling “BRO TOOK MY BAG!!” He was going on and on about it.  We were cracking up and I got some fun shots of Erin laughing.  So, thank you dear stranger.  On our way out, another complete stranger asked Lauren and Erin where his boots were??  Um….  Not sure buddy, we don’t even know you!  LOL  It was a very interesting evening.

We ended our session at Smale Park down on the river.  Its such a great park and they keep adding to it all of the time so there is plenty of places to get different shots and not everyones shoot look the same. Once the lights come on at night, the bridge makes for some wonderful imagery.  We had a great time.  Mom had so much fun, as well.  She took us all out to a late dinner to celebrate at Cincinnati’s Yard House.  It was delicious!

Here are some images you may have already seen and some you may have not:

urban senior portraits

senior portraits moerlein lager house smale park
moerlein lager house in Cincinnati
smale park roebling senior portraits
under the roebling bridge
cincinnati senior portrait session
smale park senior photos
piatt park senior portraits
laughing senior pictures
piatt park senior portraits
High school senior portrait

garfield place cincinnati senior portraits

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