Urban Style Senior Pictures | Hannah | Class of 2017

URBAN STYLE SENIOR PICTURES — Oh gosh, we had such a fun time!  Me, Hannah, Mom, and the boyfriend loaded up in the car and headed to Northside for a very unique senior portrait session.  Hannah wanted a lot of color for her pictures so she and mom scouted for the best locations.  What a great job they did!  Northside is such a cute little town.  Very artsy, funky. Tons of murals everywhere so plenty of opportunities for a different style of senior pictures.

Once we were finished there, we took off to Mt. Airy Forest.  On our way, we saw this abandoned house with a great wrap around porch!  Mom did the fastest u-turn I’ve ever seen in her cute little Toyota Prius!  LOL  We spent about 10-15 minutes at this house and got some amazing images!

We finally found our way to Mt. Airy.  Such a nice place!  The Arboretum, treehouse, fence lines, and tall grasses made for some beautiful photographs.  Think we are done??  Nope.  We ended our night down at Smale Park because Hannah wanted a picture with the Roebling bridge.  Its safe to say Hannah’s session was the most unique so far this year.  She’s a very talented young lady who knows exactly what she wants.  I had a great time with her entourage.  Deanna (mom) and Cameron (the bf) were very helpful in assisting to get the perfect shot.  I hope Hannah enjoyed her experience as much as I did! <3

Here are lots of favorites!  It was hard to choose!

urban style senior pictures murals

senior pictures smale park

senior pictures Smale park

senior pictures mt airy forest

senior pictures mt airy forest treehouse

senior pictures mt. airy forest

senior pictures northern kentucky

senior pictures northern kentucky

urban style senior pictures

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